15 ways to start conversation with your crush on text

You must be so much excited to message your crush but when you actually start messaging them then your fingers get stuck and lots of things start coming to your mind, which creates lots of confusion and you just simply doesn’t send any message to them. Let me just tell you one thing that it’s not just you who get nervous while talking to your crush even o text, it’s the problem with almost every people.

It is not that hard to message them you just need some good tips which will make a very good impression on your crush, so let’s see below what you should do and what to avoid when you are going to have a conversation with your crush over text.

1. Start with a greeting message

Everyone of us know that you should send a greeting message first but only a plane greeting message is not going to work because they are gonna ignore it if they haven’t talked to you before so send the greeting message with some compliment, compliment about their display profile or their bio or anything you good that you have noticed about them, don’t go to far with your words just a simple compliment, like you can say
“Hey, just letting you know that you look good in black.” , avoid using creepy sentences like ” you are the most smart person I ever come to know.

So, just stop overthinking and get started with the conversation.

2. Ask them for a favor

When you are confused about what you should say to continue with the conversation then you can ask your crush for a help at which they are good, this will make them feel prior and they will help you out. You can ask them to teach you any subject or help in any project, this way you will be able to have continue with your conversation without any hesitation.

3. Ask them open ended question

Another way to extend the conversation is to ask open ended question related to day to day life, likes dislikes etc. Avoid asking questions related to their personal life unless you are talking since long time, otherwise it will make them to have negative image of you, so ask question wisely.

4. Have good sense of humor

Everybody like person having good sense of humor so try to make them happy, this is the most attractive thing you can have. Share some funny quotes or meme with them over social media but don’t overdo anything so send only few posts to them.

5. Focus on the words you choose

Whenever you are having a good conversation going then always pay attention to the words you are using in the conversation, you should be careful that you don’t go too far, be slow in getting frank with them. When you are in early level of conversation you need to be more polite and avoid using abusive language to have good impression on their mind.

6. Keep your conversation secret

The day we get reply from our crush we get overexcited and share it with our friends, here you must have to be careful about the people with whom you are sharing these things because sometimes we are not aware of the people’s intention, may be some

8. Avoid getting clingy

When it comes to messaging your crush then you always want to message them but here you need to know that people avoid clingy people who message them like anytime, don’t over do this just one message in a day is enough until they reply. You should be consistent but not clingy.

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