Emotional Breakdown

6 Ways to Deal with Emotional Breakdown

There isn’t any relationship where conflict doesn’t exist. Still, we can solve small conflicts by talking, and for a healthy relationship, it is most important that both people understand each other and are ready to compromise. But sometimes, we get something we never asked for, and complications like lack of understanding, trust issues, and even breakups start.

It’s not easy to accept that the person we love is cheating on us, but the matter of fact is that we keep denying this, and this leads to the feeling of emotional breakdown. We try never to accept this because of the attachment we have established with the person. Do we keep on having questions like “Why do they do this to me?” Why just me?

Stop running on the never-ending loop and get off the treadmill. Adjust the speed as per your suitability. Here are the ways you can deal with the feeling of breakdown. To get an overview of emotional breakdown and what it is, we are answering a few of the most frequently asked or queried questions down below.

1. Accept the situation

The first step is to accept the situation without denying the reality, and you can’t run from reality. According to experts, “as soon as you accept the situation, you will get out of it, so it is crucial to accept” so accept the reality. Be emotional but never be an emotional fool, so never show your back to reality.

It’s high time now, so accept that you can also try talking or writing. It will reveal everything that is running all over your mind. It is often said that “as hard as you run from anything, the faster it will chase you.” It’s high time now, so to accept that you can also try talking or writing, which will reveal everything running all over your mind.

Aceepting Yourself
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Please avoid writing in an unstructured way; first, write what you are going through, then write its causes. Now you know what trash is. Dump them one by one.

Talking to any person you feel comfortable with will help you release the whole pressure inside your mind, talk about the whole thought process, possessiveness you felt before, frustration, and every word you saved for fear of being judged. Take it out there—the magic works.

2. Understand the state of mind

When you are going through an emotional breakdown, there are a lot of hurtful thoughts that go through your mind, and you need to distinguish between the facts by organizing which kinds of thoughts you want to allow into your mind. Mental health is the most important thing, so don’t crowd it with trash feelings. Don’t get too overwhelmed by ideas. A flood of thoughts will run throughout the mind, but filtering them one by one takes time to understand. Don’t run with the flow; observe it.

When you get overwhelmed by lots of thoughts, then deal with them one by one. Don’t take it as a load, because if you see the whole problem at once, it will be tough to tackle. Hence, it is an easy solution to deal with one thought at a time, and you will see that you have covered the whole mountain by taking small steps.

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Take a deep breath, and then you will be able to differentiate between the thoughts and their consequences and understand that it’s okay to have such feelings. Still, in the end, all of these are just the creations of our minds, and it isn’t always important to have positive thoughts but to have thoughts that soothe our minds at that time and hence lead to peace of mind.

3. Stop being an emotional fool

It’s not bad to be emotional, but being overwhelmed by emotions can make you regret it in the future, so avoid making decisions when your emotions are on high. This is not only about saggy emotions, but it’s about all kinds of emotions, be they anger or happiness.

Emotions get triggered by any happening in our lives; here we are talking about the emotional breakdown that can also be termed as overwhelmed by sad emotions. Emotions get triggered when we have desires; it’s all caused by the environment we are in, so don’t go with the flow because these are just for that particular moment, and nothing is permanent.

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The breakdown you are currently facing is all due to greed and desire. You were connected with and created a comfort zone, and it is just like a temporary bubble, so to control your feelings, understand that desire should be something that doesn’t come up with greed.

So the simple formula that will lead you towards happiness is to plant such seeds in your mind so that as life progresses, you keep getting happy inside yourself.


Albert Einstein

4. Try Meditation

When you learn about the state of your mind, it’s important to deal with it; one of the things suggested by experts is meditation.

Do you know what meditation is? It is not about sitting down, closing your eyes, and trying to focus. It is just the theory created by everyone to know how to practice meditation, first knowing the meaning of meditation.

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Meditation means being focused and calm, getting rid of all the unusual thoughts and attachments. Is it possible with the typical meditation technique we know? The answer is no, because people get bored of doing it, so it is impossible to sit at a place even for a few minutes; how can you practice it for hours? Because, in actuality, it is a myth you need to understand to practice meditation.

Actual steps to practice meditation are

  • Sit in a relaxed and comfortable pose.
  • Plug your ears with an earplug.
  • Try to hear it from the right ear when you get any voice.
  • Focus on your breath, then your heartbeat, and after that, you will hear a voice from inside that could be of anything, not necessarily of people or things, but it could be even birds or insects.
  • If you get any voice from outside, then let it be as it is. Don’t try hard to avoid it, and it will automatically fade.

So now you know what you have to do and how to do this.

5. Have some good sleep

When you are going through an emotional breakdown, it is tough to just lie in bed and fall asleep because when you get into bed, the storm of thoughts hits harder, and you are getting more and more frustrated.

Our brains and our bodies are usually good at sleeping, so if you are not able to sleep well, having a consistent routine before bed like doing some sleep hygiene like dipping your feet in hot water or listening to calming music can help your brain to trigger sleep hormones. If we do these, then our brain automatically responds towards sleeping.

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In the condition of breakdown, you automatically start thinking through your day when you are lying down; we have made our mindset to start the work of overthinking when getting into bed, so it needs to be retrained that when you lie down, then it’s time to forget everything going around you. It is not just that easy, but we can do it by practicing to be not too busy throughout the day, but take some time and let the flood of thoughts come out to get good sleep when you get into bed.

6. Calm your mind

When you are going through an emotional breakdown, you cannot have productive thinking; everything around us gets still, and we keep trying to correlate ourselves with every negative thing that is going around us. I heard in a session that the brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. When you go through an emotional breakdown, that is also a thought made by your brain. Then think whether it is that important to be regretted or if I’m giving too much attention to it. When you realize that it’s not that real, you get an instant calm in your mind.

Always Be Happy
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When you go around seeing people going with the same state of mind, you will see that every person has a different perspective on it; everyone is taking it in their own way. This is because it is not the actual problem. This is just an illusion created by our mind, so to get out of this illusion, we need to wake up from the sleep that is causing the dream. This is the only permanent solution, as per my research.

Don’t pressure your mind with the wrong decision you took; think what is the level of mistake; has it caused any permanent damage to you? Because when you open up your mind to the world, then you will see that people are making mistakes that they can’t even fix. So your problem is just the state of mind created by you. It is an illusion from which you need to get out. Maybe it is not causing any permanent damage to you. Still, it takes the most important thing from you: your time.

Who to contact if you are in depression ?

Please talk to someone in your family or friends, or contact one of the many organizations that assist individuals in overcoming depression click here to get more details TheLiveLoveLaughFoundation.

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