12 Unique ideas to propose for marriage

When we fall in love with someone, we want to commit to them for the rest of our lives, so we always try our hardest to make them feel better, and we always want to do unique things to make them feel special. You may be familiar with the traditional way of proposing, which involves kneeling down with a ring and asking our partner for marriage, but we are here with some unique and stunning ideas to make you and your partner’s most memorable date.

What matters is how truthful and honest you are with your partner, not how much money you spend on booking a seat in some posh resort. Holding their hand on a beautiful evening does not require a large investment. So whatever budget you have, you can follow up with these tips. So let’s get started.

1. Choose a location according to weather

If your partner enjoys traveling and discovering new places, you can go to a location where the weather is the polar opposite of where you live. For example, if you live in a cold climate, go to a warm climate; if you live in a hot climate, go to a cold climate. The change is just because you are going to change your relationship status, so changing the location will be the first sign.

The location should not be too crowded or too remote; there should be a few people nearby to congratulate you and share in your joy.

2. Decorate the place with you older pictures

Pictures should always be from the past. If you met in high school, share those pictures; if you met in college, choose a picture from your college. Old memories are always precious, and this will remind you and your partner about how you spend your time and make it up to the day when you’re going to propose.

Preferably, go for old pictures. You can share your recent pictures between them, but it would be best if you organized them by year and used a hologram or projector to show them to your partner.

3. Design a custom treasure hunt game to reach the destination

If your partner enjoys thriller movies or books like Sherlock Holmes, instead of proposing to her directly, create a treasure hunt for her and let her discover the surprise you have in store for her, similar to a true dare-based game.

You can create the game in such a way that it should not be at your home; it must end up at the location where you are going to propose to your partner.

4. Make your plan at some outdoor place

When you are going to propose marriage, it must be in a way that your partner never forgets that moment, so you can choose a place like a biological park, your partner’s favorite flower garden, or at a concert or sports event. Just make sure that while they are proposing, the crowd is not making too much noise.

5. Recreate your first date

You can also recreate your first date because nothing beats doing things for the first time, and your relationship has progressed so well that you are considering marriage, so it will be ideal to choose the location where you both went on your first date. If possible, wear the same outfit; if you don’t have that, you can also choose the outfit gifted by your partner.

A first date is always special to anyone; the way you spoke to each other, the gift you gave or received, everything reminds you of that moment, so if you’re stuck, try this method.

6. Plan for some game

If you and your partner are both gamers and enjoy playing games together, you can propose while playing a game. Take your partner to a playstation, and while playing games, ask the authority to write the message you want to give to your partner, and give your partner a ring in the shape of your favorite videogame character’s logo.

7. Gift them something you given on first meeting

Proposing with an old memory is one of the best ways to propose marriage. Propose to your partner with the gift you gave on your very first date; it doesn’t matter what it was. When you are in love, anything from your partner is special to you, so when you propose to your partner with the gift, he or she is bound to like it and will feel even more special.

8. Propose on podcast

As you all know, we should keep our relationships private, but when it comes to making him/her your life partner and proposing marriage, proposing on a podcast is the best option because keeping the love life private while showing love publicly will make your partner accept it anyway.

You should only do this if you have been in a long-term relationship with your partner; otherwise, it will be disastrous because some people will not like it if they are not in love with you or have no romantic feelings for you.

9. Propose among friends

You can also propose to your partner at a house party. You can organize a house party with friends at your home and propose to your partner while partying. This way, you will be able to create a cute moment where your friends will be a part of the happy moment, and it will be one of the best memories.

10. Prepare a dish by yourself

You can use this method to propose to your partner if he or she is a foodie. Prepare a dish and serve it in restaurant fashion, and write your proposal on the food with a desert or mocktail. This sweet gesture is going to make your partner melt.

11. Propose on your love anniversary

When you are proposing for marriage, then the day will be special in itself, but if you propose on your love anniversary, then it will work as icing on the cake, so you should pop the question on your love anniversary.

12. Go for a custom website

If you are a techie, why not use it to propose to your partner? You can create a custom website where you can simply upload your proposal and your best picture. Then kneel down and give a ring to him or her.

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